Short Stories

  • Pumped Up Kicks

    I wrote this story last year and although not yet published it has had many good reviews. It deals with the damage done to young minds by drug and parental abuse. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Pushing Up

    A story recently published in Round Up – a zine from Texas-


    It’s a story about a woman suffering from spousal abuse narrated by her friend a pawnbroker. She decides that she has had enough and takes the law in her own hands.

  • One Foot in the Grave

    A short story told from the perspective of an aging gravedigger who knows where all the bodies are buried. Except all is not as it seems…

  • Strength in Numbers

    Jeremy Meyers is floating through his teen years loaded with debt, a dead end job and no girlfriend. All of that changes when he receives a letter personally addressed to him with a single series of numbers 230048977794908. Is this some cruel joke or the key to a fortune?


  • The End of the Circus

    Barry Trotter is caught in a loveless marriage, money problems and failing job prospects. All that changes when in a drunken stupor he is approached in a local bar by a stranger with an offer he can’t refuse.

  • Typewriters of the Rich and Fa ous

    They moved to the country to give the young author inspiration. She moved because she wanted to start a family. It’s not working out for either. He has a Jack Nicholson size writer’s block and is having trouble getting her husband in the mood. All of that changes when they visit this creepy little antique shop

  • From A Hundred Feet Away

    Meet Matt Hardy, a young man bumping his way through life like something a pinball machine. His wife’s big announcement has prompted him to finally get a hold of his life. He needed a job, a real job, a job with balls. Enter a business opportunity and a beautiful woman who is not what she seems and you get a whole new awakening.


“Kill you?” repeated Gabriel, looking quizzically at Friesen.

“I believe the going rate for rubbing someone out is $5 grand. I’m prepared to write you a check for twice that amount,” Friesen said, taking a sip of his coffee.

“You’re serious? You expect me to murder you?”

A race war looms on the horizon.
The clock is ticking as Detective Gabriel Ross and his team work frantically to stop a killer, who is always three steps ahead of them.

Gabriel Ross and his team are faced with their toughest case yet. While helping his partner Ben O'Shea, solve the murder of a black man, Gabriel delves into a political morass of corruption and blackmail surrounding a Congressman from the great State of Mississippi.

“So let me get this straight… you want me to find a man who disappeared fourteen years ago during a hurricane? A case Biloxi’s finest gave up on over a decade ago.”

This is the backdrop for Gabriel Ross’ most difficult case yet. He sets out to solve the unsolvable, while a murderer is out for revenge!

Gabriel Ross never planned to become a Private Eye. He just fell into it. Now he’s in over his head in a fun house ride involving a beautiful client, missing teenage girls, police corruption and organized creeps.

Once again, profit from the sale of all books will be donated to children's charities through the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM. So be entertained, laugh and feel good about making a difference!